Email sent but no answer

Hello Damian.

You asked me to send you an Email and i did. Yet i still have not received any answer yet.

Can you please confirm you received my Email? I can send it from another address in case you didn't, thanks a lot.



  • We received it. Our developer should have reached out to you.
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    Miguel did, great! Thanks for your continued efforts.
  • Update:

    Your developer did indeed reach out to us, but unfortunately, a two-way communication failed to take place. He just stamped a $1200 on the job and said take it or leave it, as if we had never either coded ourselves, interacted with other coders or maybe considered other environments for our needs as well?

    When we told him we could pay the price but asked him to justify the price difference with a plugin which basically is installed and does the same job for $69 (we tested the plugin and it works, butthe platform itself is not stable and we think cumulus is a far option), he wouldn't answer at all. In fact we have not received any comments per Email since.

    See, our youtube channel is nearly 800k subs big and we are since months now looking for some alternative to build our own community, but we have learnt overtime by interacting with several other solutions, that the script alone doesn't cut it. We are looking for an honest cooperation for the long run and people how know how to communicate, so that common grounds for all parties can be agreed on by all parties, so that everyone feels good about cooperating.

    Your coder clearly told us he had done the same job for other clients and we emphasized that we need this to be done on the stock version of the script according to your previous assessments. The price he mentioned just gave us the same feeling as if we had to pay for the development costs to purchase a car instead of its retail price.

    To sum it up, we made an inquiry, you mentioned that 3 files should be changed, your coder made a stiff offer, we asked him to detail his offer on what exactly he planned to do, in other words justify his offer for that kind of money, and since then nothing.

    Pretty disappointing, considering the time we spent testing your platform.
    In any case, thank you for trying to help.

  • Strange, i am sure i posted my last big comment 5 hours ago. It just disappeared. Repost.
  • Sorry to hear you guys couldn’t make it work. We are always here to help in the forums as much as we can for free.
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    Yes, Damian, we are sorry too that he couldn't make it work.

    We told him it was just the beginning of a cooperation, but he insisted on ripping $1200 from us for 3 file changes (20x what any competitor asks for the same service), claiming he would need 15 hours on this first job and after having admitted to having done the exact same work for other clients already, meaning he still has the templates he will probably reuse.

    Summary: We have now spent 2 weeks testing you software and have started building confidence that we would use it, all now wasted thanks to someone who maybe knows how to code but still has everything to learn on how to market or sell something.

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    Well...not even a single attempt on your part to make us a more reasonable offer and gain our business for the next five years...Pretty sad.
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