- The Energetictube.

Hello Damian and Cumulusclips members. - The Energetictube.

Thank you for this great video sharing platform. has been previously hosted on a shared server with vidiscript and was registration hacked about a year ago. I've since moved to a private server, i've implemented the captcha registration and SSL and of course switched over to Cumulusclips. I love the bulk import functionality. Everything works.

I found the installation and configuration of the site to be very straight forward and these forums were great for finding solutions without ever having to post here and have to ask.
My troubleshooting was as follows:
- the site seemed to function so i assumed the php directory was correct, however when i went to upload a video it would lock up at status: Processing video. When i went to enable log debugging or attempt to save a config in the admin>settings>video panel the site would lock up. Solved by enabling debugging logs in the database with phpmyadmin, realizing that there was no processing of video uploads taking place, then seeing the php directory needed /local/ added to it for my server setup. Once the php directory was corrected, the uploading and encoding worked flawlessly.
- Now i wanted to add hundreds of video files from my old host, SSH connected server to server as root and ftp'd a large directory of fla vides into the uploads/import directory. When i would see an error in the log about ftp permissions or credentials (can't remember the specific wording). This was corrected by using chown to switch ownership of the video files to the website hostname account since they were transfered over as root, they were owned by root and the host account could not control them to start the encoding. Once switched i was thrilled that the import feature worked flawlessly for more than a couple hundred videos.
I have to say i was really happy to be bulk processing for nearly a full day without an error in the logs. I literally couldn't believe was working that well.
Thanks so much Damian and all involved with sharing this script open source. Its a joy to work with and i'm planning on adapting over to cumulusclips as well.
Darcy Klyne


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