Disable/bypass encoding .

Hi there ,

is there a way to turnoff /bypass the encoding , i am really happy with the quality of my .mp4 files all i wish to do is upload my files to the upload dir , import them and start working on the site ..etc



  • We did a hack for this. We added an option in the "settings" to allow (or not) the bypass for mp4 files. If ON, video is automatically saved in the h264 and mobile folders (DB is updated, etc).
  • even though, i disabled it , still Calling transcoder... , ithe file is .mp4 , what i want is not to call the trasncoder at all just serve teh media , is that possible ?
  • Just don't call it :) In video_add.php line 240 we put a test to check if we want to bypass or not for mp4 files. If yes, just call another script (that you wrote) that will simply copy the mp4 file wherever it must be (h264 and mobile for example), that gets the video length, etc. Or integrate these things instead calling the encoder in this place. We better wrote another script to minimize the modifications in the original one.
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    Sorry , tried commenting out some code without any luck , basically what am aiming for is that i already have mp4 files with subtitle tracks ,all stored on 3nfs share which i wish to have the cms to add them without transcoding , back to the point tried commenting out some code no luck ! i still learning php , if you ahve tried it before which seems to me , it would be nice to teach me with working code snippets on to be able to achieve what i want .
    Thanks in advance .
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