CC 2.5.2 - problem with attachment file

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I can't display an attachment file. I have error 500. You can see it on the capture file.

Other question. When I delete a video, the attachment file is always present to be attached to anther video. How can I delete the attachments files? I can't see attachments files in "File Library".



  • We will investigate the attachment error.

    Attachments are listed in the account section for users, on the left hand side. They are not listed in the admin panel.
  • I'm sorry but I don't find it in "my account". Have you a picture ?

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  • It looks like you have user uploads disabled. You can't manage attachments if user uploads is disabled.
  • Ok, its works. Thanks
  • o71o71
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    If I remove the ".htaccess" in directory '/var/www/html/cumulusclips/cc-content/uploads/files/attachments/', I can access.

    If I search all the cached files in the root of my CC site, I have it

    #find /var/www/html/cumulusclips -name ".*"

    The solution of my problem is it to remove this file : ./cc-content/uploads/files/attachments/.htaccess ?

  • Is it a good solution to remove the .htaccess ?
  • Hello,

    I have always the problem when I open an attached file, I have the error explianed in the first post.

    It can be solve if I remove the ".htaccess" in directory '/var/www/html/cumulusclips/cc-content/uploads/files/attachments/'.

    But is it a good solution ?

    Thanks a lot
  • Finally, I find. I should do: a2enmod headers.

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