Unable to Bulk Import

I have uploaded all the videos I want to import into the /cc-content/uploads/import/ directory (hundreds of videos) and even set them as 777 for file access (currently owned by www-data)

I am receiving this error when I attempt to import:

CumulusClips is unable to perform filesystem operations natively. Please provide FTP credentials.

Adding videos manually works fine. I do not have any FTP configured on this server and would prefer to use native filesystem operations.

Am I forced to use FTP for this?


  • It means the PHP user owned the files at the time of installation. However now there is an owner mismatch somewhere. Changing permissions does nothing because the script goes by the owner, not the permissions.

    To figure out what exactly is the issue we need some more information.

    1) Who is listed as the owner of the import videos you uploaded to /cc-content/uploads/import?

    2) Who is listed as the owner of the import directory itself?

    3) Who is listed as the owner of the /cc-content/uploads/temp directory?

    4) What user is PHP/Apache running as currently?
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