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First issue, hosting with here's what I get from them:

14:48Eric Schaefer: Hi
14:48Eric Schaefer: I'm getting some errors
14:50Eric Schaefer: I installed Cumulus Video Sharing Script on PowerPrayer.TV
14:50Eric Schaefer: I'm seeing post_max_size (setting is too small. Server only allows 8M
14:50Eric Schaefer: upload_max_filesize Setting is too smal Server only allows 8M
14:51Eric Schaefer: max_execution time currently 30 seconds too short
14:51Eric Schaefer: Can you fix this for my account?
14:51Arnold F.: I am going to check this right now, please hold on and I will get back to You in a moment.
14:52Eric Schaefer: Also PHP 5.2+ "Php Path was not found. Video Uploads have been disabled"
14:52Eric Schaefer: and FFMPEG not found Videos uploads have been disabled
14:52Arnold F.: FFMPEG cannot be enabled here, Eric.
14:56Eric Schaefer: So I signed up with the wrong hosting
14:56Eric Schaefer: Can you please redirect me to a hosting where this is possible?
14:56Arnold F.: I am afraid we do not have such information here.

Where can we host our Server for the BEST price with MAXIMUM benefits?

Here's the vision: I have a YouTube Channel -

I have over 150+ Videos there, and as I've been traveling the country interviewing Prayer Experts and meeting with Prayer Ministries, Ive found that having just one YouTube Channel and uploading everyones prayers to the YouTube channel just isn't cutting it. We needed a new Tube just for Prayer! I come across this wonderful Open Source Project and am ecstatic. As soon as my funds transfer from my Bank Account to the PayPal, (5 days Later) I was able to buy the PowerPrayer.TV domain for only $24 from - Changed the DNS to Hosting 24 and now I find out they cannot handle the Project. We want channels for each stream, ie a channel for IHOP in Kansas City as well as a Channel for etc.. etc.. and a channel specifically for Impartations from people praying for those who are watching the videos.

I go to upload the video and it says, The Requested URL /myaccount/upload was not found on this server.

So to get Accounts set up on the PowerPrayer.TV YouTube Clone for each Channel
AND to make it so that we can upload videos, and to make it so that the videos don't
take FOREVER to stream, what service do I use? You can even Text me at (808) 393-0153!
Or e-mail me personally at





    To make videos stream faster, reduce the bitrate of converted videos in the admin panel to the point where it is as low as possible while maintaining desired quality.
  • Wow, it looks like you're having some problems.

    You need to switch webhosts. As @mastafoo mentioned, check out our approved web hosts. You can also purchase a VPS or dedicated server from any webhost and configure it yourself to work with CumulusClips.
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