FTP Connection problem when the install process

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dear all,
When I install the FTP Connection cumulusclips to step up the message

"We were Unable to navigate to the directory CumulusClips. Please verify your ftp path is correct and your account has access"

Please help step by step process in step install FTP Connection, what should be done



  • This error is produced because the FTP user you provided in the FTP screen is unable to navigate to the FTP path you provided.

    Try logging into your server directly via FTP and 'cd' into the directory where you have your CumulusClips files. If you're unable to then that is what is causing your problems.

    You would be unable to do this if your FTP user is jailed to an area outside from where your CumulusClips files are, OR you simply don't have permission to access your CumulusClips directory with that FTP user.
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