css/system.css and js/system.js load on index but they don't exist

Cumulus loads css/system.css and js/system.js load on index (footer and header) but they don't exist and they are not on header.phtml nor footer.phtml, checked the whole theme they are nowhere to be found.

Would like to fix that and hope you fix the bug for next version


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  • The system JS & CSS files aren't physical files. They are dynamically generated. Their content comes from Admin Panel -> Customizations -> Custom JS/CSS. Also plugins have the ability to hook into them and generate JS/CSS.

    Not sure why you're getting 404's on those. They load fine for other people. Could be due to customizations you've made. Make sure their entries are in the /cc-core/lib/Router.php file, and that you don't have any custom routes or Apache rewrites that could interfere.
  • i am using nginx but everything else works just fine so no idea, no customization was made to either router.php nor inside admin panel.
  • Ngnix isn't supported. You have to write custom url overrides lile the one in the htaccess file tomget ngnix to work. that probably is the cause of your problem.
  • How can i have the script not request those
  • You would need to modify core (not recommended). They are attached in cc-core/lib/View.php.
  • thanks found them and just comment it them out
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