uploaded video not showing up???

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i have cumulus set up on my website which is http://yourphonetube.com its working fine but i made a test user and i tried to upload a video mp4 extension which is 20mb size it uploaded successfully and a message comes up saying

"Your video has been successfully uploaded. Please allow several minutes for processing before it is available on tv series and tv series Mobile."

i waited for around 2 hours while i watched a movie and i refreshed the page and look for the video but it says there are no videos uploaded???

username = mexlokote
pass = stest

hope someone can help me thank you


  • Hello,

    Let's try a few things to help you out.

    1) Go to your Admin Panel, and visit Admin Panel -> Settings -> Video
    - Turn log encoding 'On' or 'Enabled'

    2) Download this video:

    And try uploading this video (After step 1) to your website. The only reason I ask you to use this video instead of yours is because this video is tiny in filesize and we can debug your system much faster.

    3) After you complete step 1 & 2 wait about 3-5 minutes after you uploaded the sample video and look in your '/cc-core/logs' directory. There should be 2 log files. Show us the content of those 2 files.

    4) We need a couple of pieces of information:
    - Who is your webhost?
    - What are your PHP & FFMPEG paths (Admin Panel -> Settings -> Video)

  • Any luck?
  • php path = /usr/bin/php
    FFMPEG path = /usr/bin/ffmpeg

    host = www.arvixe.com
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    there is only one file called converter.log

    check it out here

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    After reviewing your converter.log file, it seems like the web host you're on has more than one path to the PHP executable. This is very common. Try this:

    Visit Admin Panel -> Settings -> Video

    and change your 'PHP Path' to:


    Then try uploading again with your our sample video. After about 3-5 minutes you should know whether it worked or not. If not please re-post your latest log files here, all of them if there are more than one.

    Also, make sure you delete the log files in /cc-core/logs before re-trying, to make sure you're starting with a clean slate.
  • I don't recognize Arvixe, they're not a supported host. This does not mean that CumulusClips won't work there, it simply means we never tested it there.

    Should be okay assuming their servers meet our requirements.
  • it worked thank you!
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