how to get rid of the "delete video"

Good Day.

I'm trying to restrict members from deleting the video by getting rid of "delete video". Is it possible?

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  • Just ti clarify, you want to prevent them from deleting their own videos that they uploaded themselves?
  • You got it right Damian.. Thank you.
  • The reason why i need to restrict the video is that, These are all very important training videos and it so happen that uploading the video took me around 5 hours. If it is possible also, to restrict members from editing the videos because edit videos and delete videos are all available under "my videos". thank you in advance. Hope there's a possible solution or workaround for the above mentioned scenario. my site is a local site for internal used only.
  • Normal users can only delete or edit their own videos. Not videos uploaded by other users. So if you upload a video, no one else can modify or delete it but you.

    The only users that can delete/edit any video are administrators.

    It is technically possible to prevent users from deleting or modifying their own videos. You would need to create a plugin to do that.
  • Good morning Damian,
    Is there any ready made or downloadable plugin for such?
  • No, not at the moment. You would need to create one yourself.
  • Thank you so much Damian. you can now close this conversation... thanks again
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