Poster at end of video


Is it possible to have the video poster display at end of video?


  • You might be able to. Check out the documentation for VideoJs which is the player that comes by default.
  • Hello

    Are you taking about this: video.plugin.js? and if it is, that's overwhelming for some like me that is not a coder!

    So it seems that one has to wait till some smart coder writes that command!
  • Hello

    I did a search and found out about this piece of code below, ( to be add it at video-js.css, but to no avail! )

    .video-js.vjs-has-ended .vjs-poster {
    display: block;
  • What I meant was visit They are the makers of the video player. Check out their website and documentation to see if it is possible to do what you want.
  • Okay then!

    Excuse me but, can you take a look at this post please!

    Thank you for all!
  • Hello

    I have gone to the site and came up with this code:

    /* Don't hide the poster after the video ended playing */
    .video-js.vjs-ended .vjs-poster {
    display: block;

    but to no avail! ( I place the code at poster styles )
  • This is the code that pulls the poster <?=Language::getText('by')?>:</strong> <?=$video->username?>

    now where it goes? either ask or pay a professional.


    This should be closed unless someone willing to donate time for this mod....
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