Internet explorer 9 Video upload

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Hi All,

I just installed cumulus on a test site to test this software. All installs easy and works well. In Chrome video uploading works good and also shows step 3, after the file has been placed. With Internet explorer 9, the screen stays stuck at step 2. You can see the video going up to 100%, wait a bit and recive the video is placed email. The screen always shows step 2. Has anyone else seen this or knows a fix?



  • This is the first I hear of this. Can you provide any logging 'Javascript console' to help further debug this.
  • Sure thing. Strange on my " real" windows laptop i now cant reproduce it. Tomorrow i will try it on my mac with bootcamp. Just did a couple of tests. First looked like it didt like spaces in the filename, but on IE 9.0.6 that also works fine. Think my mac stil runs 9.0.4, so let me double check. I do like this software. Hope to contibute soon. Eg the facebook login if wished for.
  • Ok let us know. That would be great if you could contribute. We encourage all contributions (plugins, themes, etc)
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