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I am in the installation process and I am up to the Database Setup step. I am getting the following error for *Database Host: returns**Errors were found. Please correct them and try again**. I have entered localhost and it is still returning an error
- A valid hostname is needed .


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    Try entering your domain (without the www) instead of localhost.

    Another option is to try the hostname of your server. Your hosting company can provide you with that.

    If that doesn't work you can also ask your hosting company if they have an alternate hostname for MySQL.
  • Thanks I will give options provided a try
  • where it says table prefix what do I enter there?
  • That is totally up to you. You can leave it blank if you like. It's not required.

    It's only useful if CumulusClips is sharing it's database with another application.
  • okay I have sent an inquiry to cirtex support regarding the local host issue I tried the suggestions you provided earlier and failed to get past the error however it now returns a new error: "Unable to connect to the database server with the credentials you provided. Please verify they're correct and try again."
  • Did you make sure you used the credentials from the database you created in cPanel?

    We have a tutorial on doing this. See the database section of the "How to install" article in our documentation, just in case.
  • Success database input accepted. I have made it to the admin panel proceding with the setup. Thanks
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