JavaScript Message Alert Plugin by Jose Rodriguez v1.0 for CumulusClips v1.2

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I want to share some of my plugin I'm developing this is very simple. Displays a popup message (alert ("Message Here")) in the area you want for example in (register.before_render) can be configured from the administration panel, where to place the message and the message to show how good is not touch the source code CumulusClips. You can download it from next in the section addons in ( )


  • Estoy desarrollando Capchat para el Registro, Comentarios, Contactos y demas
  • Y Otros Varios Como 8 Plugin un poco mejores
  • for install plugin JavaScriptAlert. In the panel administration click in Plugin --> Add New Plugin --> Browse, seach plugin downloaded directory Click in --> Upload Button --> Add Plugin.
  • gra├žias muy bueno
  • Thanks for your support!

    Please follow the instructions on our Addons page to formally submit your plugin so that we may review and list your plugin on our site.
  • Ya les envie el plugiN segun instrucciones de. La pagina addons
  • Thanks, it's currently under review. We'll let you know if it's accepted and posted.
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