Videos / Uploads / Members showing ERROR - non existant

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I am trying to get to work but the videos and uploads section isnt existing, how do i get those set up?


  • What does "isn't existing" mean? Are you seeing some type of error or message? Is the entire site not showing up, or is it just that isn't showing up?
  • Its the upload and video buttons etc that's not working and the upload itself isn't working either I'm using reseller hosting with site5 they do support ffmpeg
  • Is there a hidden file called ".htaccess" in the root of your site?

    If there is, open it and verify it contains this line:

    RewriteRule ^videos/$ cc-core/controllers/videos.php [NC,L]
  • So I have fixed that HTCACCESS but basically I want to make sure that it works; what I am seeing is that the Video and Upload isn't working at all it just doesn't exist - do I change the links to the cc-core? What do you do so that you can click upload and it actually uploads videos?
  • How do you get it so you click Videos in the top right and Uploads in the top right and you actually get there? Why is it taking me to - there isn't such a file with Cumulus
  • From your description in sounds like you don't have the .htaccess file.

    1) Download a copy of CumulusClips, extract the archive on your desktop. Look for a hidden file called '.htaccess'.
    2) Upload it to the root of your website. For example, if you have a 'public_html' folder in your hosting account, upload the .htaccess file there so that your structure looks like this:


    The problem is because the .htaccess file provided with CumulusClips is either not there or not being loaded.

    Ask your web hosting provider if they have 'mod_rewrite' enabled and if they're running Apache 2.x.
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