CumulusClips Error Create all plugin

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Plugin contains errors. Please report this to it's developer.

not debug plataform?


  • I want to create any plugin that gives me error: Plugin contains errors. Please report this to it's developer
  • the documetation oficial is i used
  • You got that error because your plugin is invalid or missing something.

    Lets assume for example your plugin name is "widget", you need to create a folder at:


    and create a file called "widget.php". Within that file you need to have a plugin class. You can use the sample plugin class at the bottom of the plugins documentation guide.

    Be sure to update the names accordingly. Then try to activate you plugin in the Admin Panel.

    If you plugin doesn't have an "Info" function, or if is not named according to the structure listed above and in the guide, then you will receive this error.
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