Change default html 5 player

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How can I change the default html 5 player to this player.


  • I'm assuming you're talking about the player on the mobile site. If so, open the file:


    And replace the DIV:

    <div class="video-js-box"> (and all it's content)

    With the code for the "HDWebPlayer". They have a simple walk-through here:

    You can also remove the 'AddCss' and 'AddJs' lines at the top of the file since you're not going to be using the "VideoJS" player.

    Make sure you do NOT edit the default mobile theme. Any changes made to this theme will be lost during system update. Instead copy and rename the mobile theme folder, and enable your new mobile theme in the admin panel. Also make sure you update the theme name in the theme.xml file before you enable the theme.
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