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Wanted to know how to change the buffer size of video before it starts playing to like 10 seconds.


  • I believe that is a player setting which can be modified in the jwplayer configuration in your theme.

    Check the jwplayer documentation for the buffer size setting and add it to your play.tpl theme file.
  • Thanks for the quick reply :) I'll try that.
  • I looked at the play.tpl found out that my problem can not be solved that way cause buffer size only works with flash. I was trying to get it to work with the mobile version. Plus the html 5 play provided is actual made by flowplayer.
  • Oh, sorry I didn't realize you talking about the mobile player. The default mobile theme uses the HTML5 "VideoJs Player". If the device can't play HTML5 then it falls back to flash based "FlowPlayer".

    The buffer size setting can't be modified on the HTML5 player because that is a browser setting that may not be implemented. However the Flowplayer can have it customized using the "bufferLength" setting. See FlowPlayer's documentation for more information on this:
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    Dnt be sorry was my fault for not saying for mobile see I have an iPhone and the playback on it is horrible it plays for 30 seconds buffers a small amount. Then starts again I dnt get why it's not working. The one player I should you works just fine on joomla with its own extension. Can pause the movie and it'll buffer whole movie like YouTubes does. If you want to look at the site you can got to
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    You know now thinking of it I may have figured out what my problem is, we had to switch to backup internet cause other internet provider was doing upgrades and the upload stream on it is horrible yet my original internet provider has a upload of 3MB the one using right now has about .5 MB would that be a problem cause I'm only looking at using this as personal use so I only need to stream one video at a time.

    But the one problem I still have is that not all of the mobile videos play?? is there a reason for this?
  • Can't be my internet cause I used demo video from and it will buffer just fine on mobile.. so what is the problem does the video have to be encoded to a special mp4 video??
  • Case solved... I feel really stupid and sorry if I have wasted your time. The problem was a security issue. I use wamp to broadcast this so since I have a windows machine I need to give everyone access to the mobile folder same as doing chmod 777 on linux. so I fixed my problem thanks for all the help. Link to website 3 comments ago has been disabled so will not be able to view anymore.
  • No worries, it's my pleasure to help.

    I'm not sure how that would have fixed your issue, but if you say so.

    You are aware that CumulusClips is not supported on Windows right?

    Anyways, I'm glad your issue is resolved!
  • It fixed my problem cause on every video script I have seen the uploads folder has to be chmod to 777 or it will not work cause people do not have access to that folder. As for windows part I know it is not supportedm I'm using apache web serever software on windows so it's a shell of linux. So most things are similar to linux except for the permissions.
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