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i am using a windows mobile phone 6.1 and an android 1.5 to access my website and be able to play the video but it will not let me? any ideas


  • CumulusClips automatically switches the layout to the mobile site when it detects a supported mobile device. Currently only iOS and Android devices are supported. There are different scenerios regarding the two phones you mentioned. I'll address them seperately.

    Windows Phone:

    Visitors using Windows Phone would see the normal version of your site because it's currently not a supported mobile device. Could be in the future.

    As far as playing, if Windows phone supports flash then there should be no issues with video playback on Windows Phone (on the standard site).

    Android Phone:

    You should see the site switch to the mobile site. When you say the videos aren't playing what exactly is going on?

    Do you see the mobile site, but the videos are not playing?


    Do you see the standard site and the videos aren't playing on your Android phone?
  • i see the mobile site but the videos dnt play it asks me where i want to save the video file it does not play like youtube's mobile site
  • Try adding this to the bottom of your .htaccess file:

    AddType video/mp4 .mp4
  • where can i find that file???
  • still does not work but this time is dowloading as flv file before it downloaded a mp4 file
  • Hmm, that's odd. I just pulled up your site on an Android phone and was able to watch the video you uploaded. The phone I used using was running Android 2.2 however.

    Try visiting this URL on your Android phone, let me know how it behaves:

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    it pops up the download window and asks me where i want to save the riCffsao8m62cgeWF2ZA.mp4 file

    maybe this script does not support android 1.5 like youtube does when i play a youtube video the video player pops up instantly
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    The problem you're experiencing normally occurs when your webserver doesn't recognize the mime type of the content being sent to the user/browser.

    The solution I recommended earlier of adding:

    AddType video/mp4 .mp4

    to your .htaccess file should have taken care of that. Would you mind sharing the contents of your .htaccess to verify there are no errors? Your .htaccess file is normally hidden and resides at the root of the site (same level as index.php)

    When I asked to visit the above URL, it was to test whether there was a problem with the script/player or with the way the video was encoded. Since you accessed the video directly and your phone still prompted to download means 1 of 2 things:

    1) As mentioned above, your server does not recognize the mp4 mime type. This is not uncommon, we just need to add the mp4 type properly.

    2) Your phone does not support the codec used to encode the video which is either MPEG-4 or H.264.

    To test this I have both versions (MPEG-4 & H.264). Try visiting these two URLs on your phone. See if they both prompt you to download or play.


  • my .htaccsess file you can view it here

    and both links ask where i want to save the video
  • i checked my phone manual and i found this

    Video Playback: Mpeg4, H.264, WMV, Real Video Common Formats
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    Okay, so I created a test page for you, with various different scenarios, to try to track down what the underlying issue is here. The scenarios tested by this page will touch:

    1) HTML5 vs Flash players
    2) MPEG-4 vs H.264
    3) Files hosted on different servers
    4) Videos encoded by different programs

    Visit this page using your phone and try playing all the videos. Report back which ones play, which ones don't, and which ones prompt for download:
  • i cannot view any i just see the text saying test 1, 2, 3 etc

    but i can see the image of the test 13 but its just the image
  • i also found out that the phone im using does not support html5
  • That explains alot. The mobile theme uses HTML5 to play the videos. I didn't want to mention it earlier (and sound like a cop out), but your version of Android is a little dated.

    We were going to update our documentation to state that Android 2.x and higher is required.

    If I were you I wouldn't worry about your issue. As I said earlier, I tested your site on iOS and Android 2.x and everything worked fine. The videos played without issues.

    Mind you there is no way you could possibly cater to every single mobile device out there. That being said, I recommend you focus on targeting the largest group of users possible and your site already does that in (iOS and Android 2.x and up). So you should be okay.

    I would normally also suggest that if you're highly concerned about this issue, to use an HTML5 player with a Flash fallback. However CumulusClips already does this on mobile. So again back to my point, if the device can't play HTML5 or Flash then don't worry about it, it's beyond your scope of support.
  • well i have another problem i have a video that i want to upload that is .avi extension and the size of the video is 179MB i am trying to upload everything works but i cannot see it when it uploads and i get in my log files a file called "db_errors.log" which you can view here
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    This is an issue with the MySQL settings on your server. The MySQL timeout is too short, and when no activity has occurred for a while MySQL will return the error you see in the db_errors log:

    MySQL server has gone away

    I would contact your web host and ask them to increase the MySQL timeout to avoid running into this issue.

    Before you do that though, I do have an idea for a good workaround. Try adding this to your database class (/cc-core/lib/Database.php). After the (approx. line 34):

    public function Query ($query) {

    // Log query if requested

    Add the following between those two lines :

    if (!mysql_ping ($this->dbc)) {
    self::$db = new self;
    $this->dbc = self::$db->dbc;

    So it should now read:

    public function Query ($query) {

    if (!mysql_ping ($this->dbc)) {
    self::$db = new self;
    $this->dbc = self::$db->dbc;

    // Log query if requested

    Save the file and try your upload again. If it works, we'll apply this fix to the core application. If it doesn't, then as I said contact your web host because that is where the actual issue is.

    Let me know how it works out!
  • i have very little experience with database i really dnt know how to do this where can i find my database and i talked to my host and they said that they cannot mess with MySQL timeout because im on a shared server and that it will affect all users that use the same server
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    Sorry, my apologies for confusing you. The changes I suggested above are to be made in a CumulusClips file located at: '/cc-core/lib/Database.php'

    Nevermind though, I made the changes myself and have the file ready for you.

    Download this file to your computer:

    Then rename it to 'Database.php' and upload it to your site overwriting this file:


    Then try your video upload again. If it works, we'll apply this fix permanently to the core application. If it doesn't, then since your host said they wouldn't change that MySQL setting, you should probably look for another host.

    But no worries, I'm pretty sure this workaround will work. Let me know how it turns out.

  • it didnt gave me error log this time but the video didnt show up on my website
  • You mentioned the video was 179MB. A video that size would take a little while to encode.

    How long are you waiting? Also could you turn on 'log encoding' and post all the logs generated, to determine what's going on.
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    The problem you're having is still related to the MySQL timeout, however this patch I provided you is trying to workaround that. I tweaked the patch slightly.

    1) Download the patch 'Database.php.txt'
    2) Rename the above file to 'Database.php'
    3) Upload it to your site and overwrite '/cc-core/lib/Database.php'
    4) Delete all your log files: converter.log, db_errors.log, etc.
    5) Try your video upload once more.

    If it fails, again provide all the log files, (including the PHP error log, and db_errors.log) you may have to ask your host where the PHP error log is.
  • check my site

    the error is at the bottom i did exactly what you said
  • Did you rename the file to: 'Database.php' ? I can see the file in plain text on your site, I shouldn't be able to.

  • yea it is php file not txt
  • I escalated this to one of our engineers, they are willing to login and try to fix this for you. If you accept we would need:

    1) FTP user/pass
    2) SSH user/pass (if possible)
    3) The video you are receiving this error on.

    PM this information.
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