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Just a few ideas:
1) Subcatagories

2) Some kind of automatic indicator to notify a user that their video is converting because at the moment no changes on the site appear until conversion is over which may take several minutes. Users may re-upload videos out of confusion.

3) Percentage converted (live updating?) would also be nice, this could be done if ffmpeg provides percentage info.

4) Fancy server load graph on user/admin pages. I know php can request this info in basic text so it's a matter of finding some script that makes a graph from it.

Also, is it straightforward to covert videos to h.264/mp4 instead of flv and stream that for the main site? Maybe a different player is needed?


  • Great suggestions, allow me to address some of these.

    1) This will be included in a future release. Not sure at the moment which one.

    2) This will be included in a future release. Not sure at the moment which one.

    3) Probably won't make it into core CumulusClips, but I can see this being done by someone very easily in a plugin.

    4) Sounds interesting. If you wouldn't mind finding out a way to do this with standard PHP (no PEAR or PECL libraries) we would be open to including this in CumulusClips.

    5) CumulusClips used be HTML5 video compliant when it was in beta, with H.264 & WebM video. Unfortunately not too many web hosts supported that setup, so we had to drop HTML5 video in favor of our current video conversion process.

    It wouldn't be too difficult to do. We are actually considering creating a plugin for this for people as yourself who want to explore with HTML5 video. But don't hold your breath.

    To do this on your own you would need to write a plugin that hooks into the encoding scripts and overrides the encoding commands with your own.

    It would be awesome if someone from the community contributed this. They would become really popular around here, really quick. ; )
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