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Hi, I downloaded the Google Analytics plugin and uploaded it, but when I add the plugin I get a white screen.

Any ideas?


  • Turn display_errors on in your PHP settings (ask your host if you don't know how) and try again. This is most likely an error being emmited due to a missing module or something.
  • Hi Damian,

    I'm getting the error:

    Fatal error: Class 'ZipArchive' not found in /home/den/public_html/videos/cc-core/lib/Filesystem.php on line 338
  • I have another question. Is it possible to bypass the encoding process and just upload videos to the proper folder, edit the information in the database and play them? I'm loosing allot of quality through the Cumulus encoding process. It doesn't seem to matter the size or quality of the video I upload, the end results are the same, lower than I would like.

    What I usually do is upload a high quality video to Youtube, then download it and upload to to my website. The quality is always excellent that way.

    BTW when is your next Cumulus update and what do you have in store?

  • You're server is missing the zip module

    Yes what your describing can work, just be careful during updates since you'll have to modify core.

    Tons of new features, we haven't made public yet due to moles. We should be launching v2 very soon. We're hoping for sept. but don't hold us to it.
  • Hum that's strange, I use zip folders all the time from the cpanel as well as joomla sites, all from the same public_html folder. I do have Cumulus located in a subdomain and in a seperate folder, I wonder if that is the problem?

    It sounds like I need to wait for v2 before I go to modifying things too much outside of the custom template, and have to do it all over again. I have 4 videos that made it through the cumulus encoding process fairly well, the rest are of poorer quality.

    In your opinion what is the best FLV Options. Right now I have: -s 640x360 -vb 800k -ac 2 -ab 128k -ar 44100 -f flv and just experimenting. I saw in the forum where used: -vf 'scale=1280:trunc(ow/a/2)*2' -ac 2 -ab 128k -ar 44100 -f flv -vcodec libx264 -crf 26, but this causes encoding errors for me, looks very nice on his website though.

    Could you also share the code to setup a video download button, I have added the download button itself but I'm lacking the code to catch the video url. You can see what I mean here:
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