Running the VM image in production environment?

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Hello, I've been tasked with running a video sharing script for a campus LAN but their central server is already configured for windows. This script is perfect for our needs and runs beautifully at full speed from within the VM image you guys have created (unbelievable time saver!), so my dilemma is basically to allow for more video to be stored on the site (The VM comes with only 5GB partition).

The only options I can think of are expanding the 5GB partition or mounting a network drive from within the VM. I've been trying to expand the partition (and failed so far) but it seems like it would be a problem in the future using this method. What do you guys recommend?

P.S. Really awesome job on the script. Thanks again for the preset VM image!


  • You mentioned both options I would have suggested.

    You can resize the image hard drive through VMware


    mount an external drive to the server and make the /cc-content/uploads directory a symbolic link to that drive.
  • I had some trouble with symlinks so I just mounted a windows share with samba directly on the "uploads" folder, copied the original contents into the share, and gave user "www-data" permissions to read/write on this share. So far large uploads work and convert with partition usage in the VM remaining unchanged and cpu usage is fine. Problem solved!
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