Generating Different Video Formats

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Seems I've been asking a lot of questions lately but I'm attempting to get my site up and with a complete custom theme. During this process I've been looking for another video player because I don't like JWPlayer that much so I found jPlayer (, it supports HTML5 video out of the box and lets you choose different options for video play back to support all the different HTML5 browsers. The different formats that I'm wanting for browser (not mobile) play back are webmv, ogv, m4v, and flv for fall back support. Now I know it does flv already and mp4 for mobile devices, but is it possible to have Cumulus be set up to produce those other formats? If it already is, where can I find out how to?


  • The swapping of the video player is pretty simple. This can be taken care of at the theme level by updating your theme files with the jPlayer, etc. code.

    As far as HTML5, that is a tricky issue. CumulusClips was actually fully HTML5 Video capable during beta, but a huge issue people ran into was that their servers/web hosts we're configured to generate HTML5 video. FFMPEG specifically wasn't setup to output Theora/Vorbis, WebM, and H.264. We abandoned HTML5 Video because of this.

    Currently we simply use FLV and MPEG4 because most if not all default installations of FFMPEG are ready to encode videos in those codecs.

    Now, in your case. Assuming your server is configured to encode with those codecs, it should be easy to add HTML5 video to your instance of CumulusClips. You should use the plugin system to inject your code which encodes the extra formats you want. You should check out our documentation on creating plugins and all the plugin hook locations.

    We can, as always, provide guidance.
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