Username Registration # (Number sign) Bug

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I have found a Bug in your Cumulus Clip PHP Script,

If some one register account with #number sign then the whole Member list will display (because of browser not consider as a value, after #hash its just a text which is browser try to jump like ancher text).[DDEE]/

How to solve this problem?

I don't want to allow special charterers in the username registration.



  • Special characters aren't supposed to be allowed in the username and should have been flagged as an error during registration. Were you able to register with special characters in your username?

    If so, let us know and we will investigate.
  • I have sent you a PM, with my website url.

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    Thanks.. I have fixed by editing username.ajax.php file.

    Edit: also i have to edit the register.php file because of ajax check and give me that the username is incorrect but form submitted and username were created, so i have put the characters restriction inside the register.php file.

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