Path to PHP-CLI

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After I tried for hours to find the good path for PHP-CLI, i finally found it. But my proud was soon gone again.

Still i got the following error:

The following requirements were not met. As a result video uploads have been disabled.

- Unable to locate path to PHP-CLI

I have tried much different paths

- bin/php
- usr/local/lib
- usr/local/lib/php
- usr/local/bin/php (this is the good one I thought).

Still getting the same error as above. Whats happening? My server is not running in Safe Mode and my exec() are enabled via the php.ini file.

Please help me..


  • Check to make sure there are no open_basedir restrictions in place preventing PHP from accessing the binary. This would cause the exec command to not have access and thus you get the error:

    "Unable to locate path to PHP-CLI"
  • How do i do this, never worked with exec commands.
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