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I was thinking, it will be great if a youtube-like playlist is added to cumulusclips. I think it will be a great future if one video can play after the other.


  • Hello, thanks for your suggestion.

    This feature will include be in a future release of CumulusClips.
  • What about making the flash player like that or youtube. So that when a video plays and finish , the screen is filled with thumbnails of other videos that someone can click. What about also adding a replay button. I think these functions are very necessary even for the basic setup. U have a great work here. I will have to lo
  • Alot of that functionality is built into flv players like

    JW Player (CumuluClips ships with this player)

    So you can technically do that today. You may need to make some tweaks but that can be taken care of at the theme or plugin level.

    But to answer your question we do not foresee a custom player in our future sorry.
  • Hey Damian, under flash(cumulustube) what is winRAR file "newtubedark"?
    I am thinking of making a custom flash player , so I want to know what the newtubedark files are for.I have basic in flash, just explain it to be and I will know how to go about it.
  • I also will be glad if u give me a heads up on how to adding ads to videos. This is if u wish lol.U dont need too.Thanks anyways
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    Newtubedark is the skin for JWPlayer used in the CumuluTube theme. It makes the player look dark.

    To make customizations to your video player, including adding video ads, please consult the documentation for the player itself:
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