cumulusclip not send email alert registration of new members

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I have several members complaining
they try to register on cumulusclip.

most do not receive the confirmation email to click the link to activate your account.

I am currently only receiving alerts for new videos.

I have to enable members, admin panel
and enable all members manually

I chose the auto-approve members to approve

please help me


  • When CumulusClips sends an email it sends it from a fictitious address: ''. Any messages sent are sent via PHP Sendmail. This an un-authenticated SMTP message, with limited headers. There could be mail servers that block messages delivered this way from your server.

    Since the messages are getting blocked, there is little you can do. I do have this suggestion.

    Create a real email address on your server with your domain (ie.

    Then visit: Admin Panel -> Settings -> Email -> SMTP Authentication and set this to 'Enabled'

    Then fill out the new fields that show up and save your settings. Then try to sign up and see if you get the email.
  • ERRO SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.
  • I've tried all the ways to configure the SMTP
    Port: 25
    password ***
  • Try using creating an email on your own hosting account.
  • I have used,
    port 587

    password *****

    the error!

    I managed to solve, using cumulusclip off with smtp

    and sending by mail with cumulusclip

    only can send alerts and send email with confirmation link to activate the account of the new members.

    many people were complaining that when they recorded, the confirmation email with a link in the email did not reach the member.

    I only see this going deep into cumulusclip.

    found some errors in cumulusclip. most do not give up, I liked the cumulusclip. more I am not a programmer,

    try to correct the errors with the little knowledge I have,

    errors I found:

    SMTP. does not work, an SMTP error code.
    loss of connection to the database conversion, videos with more than 5 minutes are not updated in the database. and BD is not available on the site.

    two videos with the same title causes error on page 404 - Page not found.

    error in registration, cumulusclip allows members to enroll with nick name with space eg "admin fusion" fusion = admin .. cumulusclip the register, but after the member can not access your profile because of its space in your User name.

    I currently have disabled the conversion of mobile video in the folder, there should be an option to enable the conversion of videos to the mobile site.

    these errors above are a big problem for those who want to use cumulusclip. there should be an emergency fix for cumulusclip ..

    cumulusclip the more I like, I will wait anxiously for updating it.

    if there is a fix for the SMTP please let me know
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