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Hi, i'm new here, so i have one problem(big for me), i installed a cumulsclips, and downloade Youtube theme, and now, when i try to enter in My Account i get 404 Page Not Found, i really don't know what's happend. And, when i try to upload a new video i get a message:

Uploads Disabled
Your server does not meet the minimum requirements for video encoding. As a result video uploads have been disabled. Please check with your web host to ensure they fully support CumulusClips.
Visit the Admin Panel -> Settings -> Video, to re-check your system and enable uploads. You could also use a plugin to manage video encoding for you.

If anyone can help me i'll be appreciate that.

Web site:


  • It looks like your server doesn't meet the requirements. Also make sure mod_rewrite is enabled in Apache and AllowOverride is set to "all" in your Apache vhost. Also verify you have the hidden .htaccess file in the root of your CumulusClips directory.
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