Change JWPLAYER theme/skin

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I will like to change the default jwplayer skin to this one

How do i do this?



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    yes i did saw that and followed it but nothing happened

    here is what i changed...i downloaded the skin folder and uploaded into the flash folder in the theme "darkrv5" and the darkrv.xml file inside it, so i added the skin part below..but didn't what is wrong?

    flashplayer : '<?=$config->theme_url?>/flash/player.swf',
    autostart : true,
    file : '<?=$config->flv_url?>/<?=$video->filename?>.flv',
    image : '<?=$config->thumb_url?>/<?=$video->filename?>.jpg',
    controlbar : 'bottom',
    width : 600,
    height : 450
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    That looks right to me. First check to make sure there aren't any Javascript errors getting thrown. Check in your browser's console, that's where the errors if any will show up.

    Also view the source for your rendered page. Look for the line:


    Copy and paste the URL that line evaluates to into your browser and see what you get.

    Additionally make sure the new skin files have permissions of at least 644 for files and 755 for directories.

    Let me know how it goes.
  • it works now i forgot to include the other directory
    was suppose to be this

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