Videos size limit won't update the record.

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I am using the version before the last one. I am trying to update the videos size limit from "control admin" but it won't do it.
it keeps loading for ever and then through an error page.
Is there a way to do this manually not from control admin?



  • This is the error on the page:

    System Error

    We are unable to continue due to a system error. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • x96x96
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    That is strange.
    Did you change any of the other values on the page? Are you using single quotes in the ffmpeg command? This was a CumulusClips 1.3.1 bug.

    Oh, I missed that you use 1.3.1.
    IF you used my ffmpeg command mentioned in the other thread, you have to escape the single quotes with a \
    vf \'scale=1280:trunc(ow/a/2)*2\'

    And update to 1.3.2 :)
  • Actually non of the records under video setting can be updated. not sure what happened I haven't changed anything since last time it worked.
  • I can update any record.
  • Guys I just updated to 1.3.2 and it works fine. I am now able to update each field on the page.
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