HELP URGENT - Can't get out of maintenance mode

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Hi guys,
I just tryed to update to the new version from the dashboard, but after a few seconds I got an error message about the ownership of one of the theme files (video.tpl).
Right now I can't get anymore into my cumulusclips website (not front-end nor backend) and it says:

"We are currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. Please try back later.
Sorry for the inconvenience."

What should I do? I already gave back the ownership of all files to apache. Nothing changed.
Please help... really.


  • There should be a hidden .update directory at the root of your site, delete it. Then download the latest version of CumulusClips and manually overwrite all your files. Be sure remove the cc-install directory.

    Also be careful when overwriting the cc-content/uploads, themes, language, and plugins directories, because you want to keep whatever is customizations you've made.
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    Same problem here. I did a chown -R on all cc- folders to make sure this doesn't happen to me, because I now know how picky cumulusclips is about file permissions :)
    Well, I forgot favicon.ico.
    I'm glad I am not the only one ;)
  • x96x96
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    @pieroit :
    did you manage to update it manually? Because I deleted my .update directory, I followed the instructions at and my admin panel still says "An updated version of CumulusClips (version 1.3.2) is available! Please update now.". When I click on update now it says "Everything looks good. Your system is up-to-date!"

    Edit: nevermind, I dont know why but it's gone.
  • Everything went right, thank you guys.

    We must remember to readjust all the permissions before running an update.

    Bye :)
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    @pieroit @x96

    We are looking into how we can relax the permission checks during updates, install, etc.

    I'm glad you both got it working though.
  • I was not really good in linux and the command line. I learned just because I wanted to use Cumulus! For the same reason I dived into php and found a new interest in web programming... xD
    Right now I'm very happy to ls -l and chown and chmod all around.

    Anyway, if you search for collaborators (not much for programming, more for the marketing/how-to/blogging side) I'm in a good mood to join the adventure. Contact me in private if you have pleasure to involve me.
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