Error after deletion of your script

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I deleted your script and all the files as it did not have a youtube embed plugin.

I then installed wordpress through fantastico.

For some reason your script has left hidden files on the server and is redirecting something.

If you go to

which is for the RSS feed for wordpress it redirects to

This is the file structure for your script but there is no visable htaccess file on my server for this to happen?? Can you let me know why this is.?


  • What FTP client are you using? Sounds to me like the .htaccess is still there. Since its a hidden file on unixbased operation systems your ftp client maybe doesnt show it to you.
  • I have also looked on the cpanel file manager and it is not there either? How can i see it or is it in another hidden folder?
  • It should be a single file named ".htaccess" in your root httpdocs folder (where your main index.html is).
    I dont know about cpanel, I use Filezilla for accessing my FTP folders.
  • The .htaccess file provided with CumulusClips is a hidden file. You will not see it unless you explicitly tell your file browser to show hidden files.

    If you're using cPanel file manager there should be a checkbox that says show hidden files. As mentioned above, it should be at the root where all the other CumulusClips files were.
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