Error During Video Removal

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cumulus is not able to delete video files on my system. When I delete a video the files remain and I get an email stating:
"The video has been removed from the system, but the files still remain. Error: Unable to connect to FTP host ()"

This error is thrown by Filesystem.php I believe, the script says:
"// Login to server via FTP if PHP doesn't have write access"

I can't figure out how to fix this. the files/folders belong to www-data and are 0644. Since apache is able to create them, it should be able to delete them, shouldnt it?
What really confuses me: encode.php and Video.php seem to use the same routine to delete files, Filesystem::Delete.
encode.php manages to delete the temp file without problems while Video.php fails at removing flv/mobile/thumb files.

Any hints would be appreciated. I triplechecked permissions, they are the same in flv and temp.

thanks a lot


  • Before CumulusClips performs any filesystem changes it checks if Apache (or PHP user) can write to the document root, if it's the owner of the document root, and attempts to create a test file.

    If any of those tests fail, it switches to FTP mode. When it comes to the delete function specifically, it double checks to see if it's able to use native delete commands. If you're seeing that FTP error this means that it can't delete the file using native PHP commands.

    Have you changed any permissions or file ownership of ANY file or directory including the document root?
  • x96x96
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    In fact I did. I gave cc-core/controllers to another user to be able to write to it via SCP.
    Giving it back to www-data fixed my problem.

    Thank you!
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