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I'm not able to put the videos below advertisement

No suggestion can be made.

I'm using cumulustube

most have not found any option to put the videos of suggestion

and as I do, cumulusclip to convert two videos at a time ..

if I upload the videos 10 cumulusclip will convert 10 videos at the same time.

I wanted him to convert one at a time .. or every two


  • Suggestions Question

    The suggestions use MySQL fulltext queries when the total number of videos on your site is greater than 20. It uses MySQL 'LIKE' comparisons when the total number of videos on your site is less than 20.

    If the fulltext method is used (more than 20), the current video's title and keywords/tags are matched against the title, description, and tags of other videos. If nothing matches or too matches are found no suggestions will be made.

    If the 'LIKE' method is used (20 or less), the tags of the current video will be matched against the title, description, tags of other videos. If none of the tags for the current video can be found in any part of another video then no suggestions will be made.


    Conversion Question

    CumulusClips will create command line jobs for each video that needs to be converted. There is currently no way of throttling or controlling which videos are converted in a specific order.
  • I'm using the theme cumulustube,

    and do not know where to set the suggested videos to appear below the ad block AD300

    when someone clicks on the video to watch
    appears next to the announcement AD300
    and below should appear: Your Ad Goes Here

    how do I set up and displayed the "Your Ad Goes Here" below the ad AD300
  • how do I set up and appear

    "Suggestions Could Be The suggestions made ​​.."

    announcement under the AD300
  • All of your videos have the same title, description, and tags. If they're all the same or too similar this will not work. You need to vary at least the description and tags of your videos for this to work.
  • the search result does not work
    puts the name of the video and click on search

    Search Videos
    Search results for: 'shippuuden'
    No results found.

    and all the videos have the same title
  • the creators of cumulusclip are interested in creating plugins in the future,

    youtube plugin example, to export videos from youtube, for cumulusclip

    or youtube embed, or iframe to display videos from youtube in cumulusclip?

    is expected?
  • What I have been trying to explain to you about suggestions also applies to search.

    To see what I mean try this:

    Search on your site for 'Naruto' and you will get no results because too many videos match this.

    Then search on your site for '55' and you will get results because a video matches but not all videos.


    We are considering YouTube embed for future releases but it is not certain. Even if we do decide to do this, it would happen much further releases.
  • Damia

    first to thank you for your help!

    I wonder, what are the addons plugin, which will be launched soon and is expected ..

    I have some suggestions ..

    1) the need cumulusclip plugin + google, google +1 button to enjoy facebook and other plugins for web sharing and alert.

    2) many web design does not have money to rent a dedicated server, way is to sign a shared ffmpeg hosting, CMS no longer as video sharing, slows and supplies much of the processor resources shared hosting at the time of conversion of videos . the solution, and have an option in cumulusclip where only the site administrator can, upload videos, or have an option to enable users to be able to upload video.

    cumulusclip know that can not manage queues conversion, eg imagine if 50 users register on the site, and 40 resolved to upload! .. 40 will convert the videos while at the same time ..

    more if the cumulusclip had an option to pass to the User uploade of videos would be great, and we could use to control the cumulusclip

    currently only have the option to turn cumulusclip users in:


    3) add users online
    users online
    users today
    users yesterday

    4) plugin addon invitation, such as a User register on the site by registering it has the information you can send invitations to invite friends from your windows live, orkut, facebook etc..

    5) option to make algunas areas of the site only to premium access

    6) ability to integrate with the application chat "cometchat"

    7) increase the size of the avatar kb because not all users have experience in reducing the bytes of your avatar to conform with the site

    8) ability to place ad in player

    has more good things that would be important
  • Thank you for your suggestions. I will share them with our team.
  • e possivel em vez de converter em flv
    converter para mp4 e exibir o video na home desktop

    flv tem muita perda de qualidade,
    mp4 e melhor

    e possivel alterar o systen/encode.php

    para não converte flv e sim mp4?
  • is possible rather than convert to flv
    convert to mp4 and display the video on the home desktop

    flv is much loss of quality,
    mp4 and better

    and possibly change the systen / encode.php

    not to convert flv and mp4 yes?
  • Yes it's possible. It can be done through plugins, you would have to attach to the hooks in that file and inject the code you want.
  • could you help me?
    you could send me the encode.php
    configured to mp4?

    or tell me how I should do please.
  • flv loses quality
    mp4 and better

    I've been looking at the code encode.php
    plus I do not like change, so that the encode.php not convert to flv
    more convert to mp4

    only the video and converted to mp4 to be available in the mobile site

    I wanted him to be available on the home desktop

    if you know how to please send me the code for download
    with the settings please.

    now I appreciate the help
  • Unfortunately we don't write custom code for users. I can direct you to our plugins article that has all the information on writing plugins for CumulusClips. Here it is:
  • I am facing this problem in cumulusclip

    500.shtml /

    I click any link,
    appears the error page

    500.shtml /

    404 - Page not found


    The page you're looking for does not exist or has been moved to another location.

    how do you solve this problem?
  • What URL is producing this error?
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