uploading button not working with cumulus tube

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hi im trying to upload a video from front-end but the browse button is not working i have no idea why is it not working
can you tell me how to fix it please ? thanks


  • on my site is same problem... but do not working and others buttons... like share, like, dislike..
  • What is the exact behavior when you click the browse button?
  • Nothing whatsoever!
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    So this seems to be a UI issue. Please perform these diagnostic steps and report back the results for each:

    1) Attempt to upload a video in IE, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari (if you don't have all those browsers, then try on the ones which you do have)

    2) Open the Javascript console on the upload page, refresh the page and try to click on browse. Do you get any JS errors, warnings, etc.

    3) Revert all files back to their original status as provided by CumulusClips. No changes or mods. Perform a hard refresh (CTRL + F5 on Windows, CMD + R on Mac). Try to click on browse. (We can't support any customizations that you have made. This is common sense.)

    4) Disable all styles in your browser and try to click on the unstyled button.
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