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I uploaded the zip for 1.3.1 and unzipped.
First of all kept getting a 500 error:
[Sat Jan 12 11:45:49 2013] [error] [client 111.111.1111] SoftException in Application.cpp:601: Directory "/home/XXX/public_html/install" is writeable by group

so set all files and directories to 755 (except those that are 777)

that seemed to work, now whenever i visit any file the page goes into a redirect loop and shows this URL and error:
Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): There were too many redirects.

I took out all of the redirection stuff at the top of requirements.php, The view files which were include_once() could not be found in the right location (is the problem something to do with the server config and the way the script is setting the HOST ?)
so to view the page content i had to change the last line to:

// Output page
include_once ('views/requirements.tpl');
i met all the requirements (although it was showing the directories i had set to 777 as not being writable).

whats really strange is i removed the .htaccess file as an experiment then:

then i changed the content of install/index.php to only a die("test"); in it and that still redirected to and the 301 error. how is that possible? some sort of server cache?
i removed install/requirements.php then went to that url in two browsers and got redirected to with a 301
surely that should have resulted in a 404?

cant remember how but got a file to redirect to 20 something install directories before the 310 error
xxx.php/install/install/install/install.... x20
i think i wrote hard coded the site url where HOST is in the redirection stuff at the top of install/index.php

anyway that was an extremely frustrating waste of 4 hours to achieve nothing, and ive even had the joy of writing this twice after i cleared cookies and logged myself out, clicked post and deleted most of my post. fun times.

Admin: if it helps i can send you an FTP account to see for yourself. i have fairly standard LAMP shared hosting.


  • We have an engineer working on a similar issue for our v2.0 release. He is willing to personally look into the issue for you. To do so all he would need is access to your hosting account (FTP, SSH, cPanel, etc.) so that he can diagnose and fix the issue.

    If you agree please send me any login information via private message.

    We would greatly appreciate this as several members have been complaining about this issue yet we are not able to reproduce it. It would be a great help to our community.

  • For community reference, this kind member allowed one of team members to debug the issue on his server. Here is the diagnostic from our engineer:

    The problem was that in this version cPanel there seems to be a conflict with the naming convention of the CumulusClips installer. It doesn't like the fact that the installer directory is named 'install'.

    To remedy, I renamed the installer directory. I also had to update all the references to the installer with the new name. There are MANY. Once all the references were updated, the 500 server error went away and the software installed without problems.

    This fix will automatically be included in the next release of CumulusClips v.1.3.2.
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