404 Page not found errors after install

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After I installed the script, I had an error that said I didn't complete the installation (although I did). I then renamed the install directory to install1 and the Home Page loaded fine. I thought I was golden, however, when I click on any link other than 'Home' or 'Sample', I get 404 - Page Not Found. I've checked and rechecked my requirements and they are all met (except for ffmpeg). I think it has something to do with open_basedir setting but I don't know the correct syntax to place it in the php.ini file (I created this for 'register globals=off'. Please Help. I'm not ready to abandon this script yet.


  • Sounds like you're missing the hidden '.htaccess' file that is provided with the download.
  • Thats what I thought too, but its there. It's like something is redirecting my links but I just can't track it down.
  • Verify mod_rewrite is enabled in Apache
  • The first line in .htaccess is

    RewriteEngine on
  • No, I mean verify it's enabled in Apache. You need to ask your host. And make sure Apache is being used, not Ngnix, or lighttpd, etc.
  • I asked my Host if they would "verify that mod_rewrite is enabled in Apache on my site" and they said that it was enabled on all sites by default.
  • Make sure Curl_php is installed on the server
  • curl support is enabled according to phpinfo.php.
  • No, this is not related to CURL. Make sure mod_rewrite is enabled in Apache and AllowOverride is set to "All" for your virtual host.
  • My host said that AllowOverride "All" is not possible on reseller hosting plans. So I guess that's the problem? If so, is there a work around for this.
  • @wegotsites Dude, that's lame. I recommend getting a new host. AllowOverride is a basic need of many websites. Unfortunately there's no way around this at the moment.
  • Yeah, I know. I'm getting ready to upgrade to a VPN or Dedicated server so I'll try again after that. Thanks for all your help.
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