How to add HTML to CumulusClips outgoing email

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Hi, I was hoping someone could help me add some basic html framework to the CumulusClips out-going email:
eg. Forgot Password

1. Where would i insert the html &/or script tags?
2. Could I add CSS styling?

Any help to point me in the right direction would be very appreciated.

Thank you



  • The email functionality of CumulusClips is handled by the PHPMailer library. I believe it sends emails via 'plain text' by default. You would need to modify the Mail.php class located in:


    to modify the PHPMailer settings and set it to send emails using HTML instead. As far as the actual templates themselves, they're located in:

    eg. /cc-content/email/forgot_password.tpl
  • Cheers D, haven't got it sorted yet, (bit to advanced for me) but i'll be looking into it a little later ;).
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