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Where do we go for custom plugins & minor adjustments?


  • There isn't a place that I know of. You might want to try to ask another member here on the forums or ask a general PHP developer.
  • Hello Damian,
    How can I contact you directly ?
  • Yo D, I was guuna say, could you create some Categories for the forum for paid jobs

    Custom Jobs -
    * Mods
    * Plugins
    * Themes
    * Hosting
    * Server Side stuff
    * & Other

    and just put some info stating that it's all 3rd party and cumulus and there staff have nothing to do with the jobs and if the jobs doesn't get done and there's some dispute, that its nothing to do we cumulus etc :)

    Then i'll post some work i need done and even offer some work for custom themes & css styling...?


  • @bodek - You don't. If you need some assistance please feel free to create a forum thread.

    If you have a private question you can send an email to support [at] and myself or another member from our team will respond.

    @fcarew - We've got something in the works.
  • Thanks Damian
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