Stuck during Installation at FTP Connection


During installation, and in the "FTP Connection" step, I get the error "We were unable to login to the FTP server with the credentials you specified. Please verify they're correct and try again.".

I use the same FTP login information to successfully connect to my server via FileZilla and upload files. So the information is correct.

However, I noticed this hint underneath the field "FTP Path": "The full path to your CumulusClips directory during FTP". What does this mean? Which folder should it be? In your guide [1] you specify a group of folders for which permissions should be set correctly (which I did), but which one should be "The full path to your CumulusClips directory during FTP"? Currently my FTP path resides somewhere else outside CumulusClips. Could this be the reason why it is not working?

The documentation makes it sound as if FTP information is requested only when something goes wrong: "CumulusClips will check to see if the files are writable by the web server. If not, you will be asked for FTP information.". However, the installation wizard states clearly in the "Why do we ask" link in the "FTP Connection" step that FTP information is required by default, not only when things go wrong: "We need your FTP credentials in order to access the filesystem during updates and when installing plugins". This is a bit confusing.


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