Upload-Error renaming file


I installed CumulusClips on a freshly set up debian machine.
The site runs fine with https, ftp access was tested and everything.
When I upload a file, the file is saved in cc-content/uploads/temp.
I can see it when acessing the server via ftp and via ssh.
I can also rename the file using the ftp credentials which are also used by CumulusClips.

But the Upload fails with the following error:

PHP Warning: ftp_rename(): /var/www/html/cc-content/uploads/temp/1-video-1610224751.mp4: file or directory not found in /var/www/html//cc-core/lib/Filesystem.php on line 265, referer: https://<sitedomain>/account/upload/info/

Same happens when uploading to file library, just the referrer differs (https:///cc-admin/library_add.php).

Any ideas as to the cause of this problem?
I checked the file permissions, they seem to be OK.

Thank you very much in advance for your help!
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