Integration with wordpress

It's a shame there isn't an integration plugin for WordPress because I was using e107 but decided to move to WordPress for more customization.


  • What do you mean by "integration"? If you are looking to use oEmbed (i.e. the auto-embed style links) to embed your videos in wordpress, there is a CumulusClips plugin here:

    You'll likely need to add your CC site as a provider to your wordpress install, i.e.


    Note that the CC plugin expects a path that looks something like - so keep that in mind when adding your site as a provider in WP.
  • We host a few WP sites together with "their" cumulus video site: All videos are on a cumulus site, and WP authors just paste the video address into their WP articles: Video shows up in the WP article.
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    I'm talking about the login system. You log in on one side and that applies for the other
  • There are a bunch of WP plugins out there that will allow you to provide SSO for your users. My guess is that you'd need to either stand up/purchase an identity provider service (IDP), or see if there are plugins to let WP act as an IDP. Then you'd still likely need to develop a plugin for CumulusClips to allow users there to authenticate against the IDP (be it WP or a separate service). We use mod_auth_cas and a few plugins to allow CumulusClips users to authenticate with our IDP - but how you go about this will depend on what your IDP requirements end up being.
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    We have a large video site and we added a WP site that allows users to post articles. Registering on the video site creates the user in WP (but not in the other way, we don't want). Easy to do, adding a few SQL requests to the WP db right after the video user is confirmed.
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