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News from the mothership

New YouTube lookalike theme 'CumulusTube' now available. Ask us on our forums how to get a free copy of this theme.

how to get a free copy?


  • Hello,

    Our CumulusTube theme is currently in Beta, a final theme will be released in February 2012 with our release of CumulusClips v1.2.

    Here is a link to download the current Beta version of the CumulusTube theme - Download

    *Note: You must upgrade to the stable version of the CumulusTube theme when it is released or you will experience incompatibility problems with CumulusClips v1.2 and higher. We will let everyone know when the stable version is available.
  • and how to change the theme? what is the trick?
    i now just replace old cumulus dir on cc-content/themes/cumulus
    with this cumulustube:)
    and first all front-end on my website was with many deface look but after 1 day the theme cumulustube automatic fix it my front-end look:) wtf?
    this mean your script automatic connect into our dirs? ah? or what?
    how the theme and the look of website automatic fix the problem with deface?
    now i have one cumulustube theme working perfect like yours demo and this is on ubuntu but with old version of ffmpeg and there are errors with conversion but anyway:)
    on kubuntu there is new version of ffmpeg
    i don't want compiling:)
  • To install themes in CumulusClips simply drop your theme into the themes directory at:


    and activate the theme from your Admin Panel -> Appearance -> Themes, screen.
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