[Justin Henry] Stats

Hello, I tried to install your "stats" plugin found on GitHub "by chance" (!) but no way to make it work. I created a new "stats" page as told, put the "stats" directory with all your files inside the "plugins" one.

On installing the plugin in the admin panel, nothing happens, "Install" remains, nothing more.

Thanks :)


  • @denismk Did you update the plugin settings after creating the page? i.e. if you go into Admin -> Plugins, then edit the settings for stats, are you able to specify the stats page that you created as the one to use?
  • Oh, do you mean it's not installing when you click install in Admin->Plugins? Do you see an error message, or anything in the logs?
  • Hello! Well I am the culprit, I wrote 'stats' instead of "Stats" with a CAPS "S"! Now working ))))
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