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hi! Basic question. I succeded in installing and running videoclips when I put the cumulucslips folder under /public_html.
If I put it under my domain /home/xxxxx- I can not execute the command to install it.
How to do that?
If the purpose is to have the cumulsclips folder under public_html -I noticed that after installation the cc-install folder was gone..and there was an object called cc-install - in some php area..
What I am worried about is having the cumulusfolder in the public_html area , it could be a security risk?
When User launch url www.xxxxxx.yy/cumulus- then the login pops-up- but generally speaking is there no risk that content in cumulusclips can be tampered? Thats why I thought I could install it above the public_html...but again- then I can not use www.xxxxx.yy/install...


  • Anyone?! Where should I upload the Cumulusclips folder ? to the root of public_html or outside the public_html folder? In case 2 - how can I install it?
  • If you haven't SSH access, unrar the Cumulus file on your computer, upload all to the public_html folder or in any subdirectory from public_html (all in ascii unless the /bin content - in binary. Then setup the permissions and run the installer in your browser.
  • HI! Wonderfull - someone did actually answer. I succeded again with your advice BUT should not the applications files be in a non-public area?! Under home/domain? See this -https://community.reclaimhosting.com/t/understanding-folder-structures-in-cpanel/295. I see that .htaccess is set for all subfolders in CumulusClips..
  • also- I changed video size settings to 2,4 GB , abut the php values on my host could not be set that high. What I think I need is this:
    php values
    upload_max_filesize = 2400M
    post_max_size = 2400M

    max_execution_time =7200
    memory_limit = 2400M

    Whats your opiion about this? Should I ask host if they can increase these values? I do not understand what video upload has to do with these PHP values!
  • I think for php applications it will be pretty common to have them in a "public" directory. Wordpress is similarly typically installed in a public_html dir. I'd expect you may indeed need to contact your host about upping the php values.

    Upload max sizes will affect the size of the files you can upload and the amount of data a form can submit with. Max execution and memory limit dictates the amount of time the script can take to complete (i.e. for the encoder to process videos, etc), and memory limit will affect how much memory resources the script is allowed to use when, say, processing those videos. You can find more details about these settings by doing a "find" on this page for them: https://www.php.net/manual/en/ini.list.php
  • I got 504 gateway timeout on encoding..... file is 2,2 GB mp4- so I might to cut in 2 parts.. OR skip encoding in some way and upload the file to some folder cumulus use. I hardly need a mobile encoding. I dont know what to do now... please check out the enclosed error logs ... Can anyone please tell me whats going on here?
    Current status of this.. all resources on server seems to be utilized to 100 % ... and my domain is not responding now..
  • A second thought- If I could do encoding of my PC and upload the files and do the sql stuff- is there any doc about where I upload the resulting files and what sql do I need to do to be able to show the video's ? is there a FFMPEG - for windows out there somewhere? And do I need a mobile version? ( i guess many use ipads/iphone nowadays..then h264/5 is needed?)
    Almost totally lost!
  • Hence the gateway error - my imports completed fine. some php error occured - but videoes show ok. If start the application from an IPAD- ( I guess mobile mode gets started) - but now I do now see any thumbnails.. I switched off in settings WEBM and theora -but mobile encoding are activated... perhaps thumbnails must be uploaded manually for mobile?
    I dont understand if the url for mobile must be set like http://mobile.website .. or something? I
  • I don't think the mobile site needs a separate subdomain like that (i.e. thought it just used website/m/v/123 or something for the shorter url) - but I've not used the mobile version so don't have one handy to test. if you visit the same url in a browser, do the images still break? If you open one of the broken images on a mobile device, what sort of error do you see? is it a 404? And what do the PHP/Apache error logs say regarding the broken images (if anything)?
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