Introduce h.265 ?

I would like to ask if anyone who has played with this script ever thought about using or adding h.265 for better compression of the video and viewing on mobile devices ?


  • I don't know much about encoding with ffmpeg, but this article might be a good place to start:

    One caveat worth noting in that first article is: "ffmpeg needs to be built with the --enable-gpl --enable-libx265 configuration flags and requires x265 to be installed on your system". I don't know if the version of ffmpeg that is bundled with CumulusClips is built with those flags or not. As for x265, it sounds like you may also need to install that on your system as well:

    If you've cleared those hurdles, then one way to do this might be to edit the encoding options in your CumulusClips development instance, at Admin->Settings->Video (i.e. replace or edit the existing "H.264 Encoding Options" with the proper ffmpeg options that would produce h265 encoded results). You'd likely want to try this on the command line somewhere first to see if it works and/or that the options produce the expected results, then go in and modify those settings.

    Good luck!
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