Does CumulusClips Still Work? Is this Forums Still Active?

Does CumulusClips Still Work? Is this Forums Still Active?

I am just checking because my hosting service InterServe still offers it and it looks nice but I was having some issues getting it to work?

If it does and the forums still is then I will search here for some answers to the issues I am having.

If not then I wanted to know before I waste anymore time.

Can anyone recommend a good youtube clone or similar for personal use?

Thank you.


  • Yes, we’re still here. :)
  • We are using Cumulus on a few sites, using mainly the "Newsroom" and "default" templates. But we had to modify the script ourselves, don't expect any kind of support other than a very very basic one here. And request for paid support brings replies with astronomic prices (we got a $1200 quote for something we finally achieved in 2 hours... Contact me privately, we can help you to install, modify etc the script for quite nothing :) I will also show you some of our services.
  • denismk plz contact me at i need a lot of help.
  • Thank You for the reply denismk, I was able to install cumulusclips using my hosting service features in softaculous Apps Installer, and it indicated everything was installed correctly and the screens and Admin section seemed fine. However after I would get a successful video upload message, it would never show up and I would find in the Systems Log that the H.264 Encoding had failed to this message:

    [AVFilterGraph @ 0x63e58e0] Error initializing threading.
    [AVFilterGraph @ 0x63e58e0] Error creating filter 'scale'
    Error reinitializing filters!
    Failed to inject frame into filter network: Cannot allocate memory
    Error while processing the decoded data for stream #0:0
    [aac @ 0x5bd9820] Qavg: 7199.942
    [aac @ 0x5bd9820] 2 frames left in the queue on closing
    Conversion failed!

    When I opened a Support ticket, I was told this:
    Our Shared hosting servers set with Litespeed webservers instead of the Apache.
    Litespeed_mod_rewrite is possible as per the requirement.
    But the script requirements shows it needs Apache web server 2.x (with mod_rewrite enabled)
    So we would suggest getting a VPS with Ubuntu installed + Directadmin panel for customized setups.
    VPS will provide the root access and you can make any changes on the servers. On VPS, We can assure the full requirements and the functionality of this script
    VPS plans:
    We do suggest the VPS with 4 or more slices for the managed support
    Directadmin free panel provided, it allows single account with 10 domains limit.

    4 Slices would be $24.00 more for something I used to be able to use in the past with no issues when i was with a different hosting service, plus I am a basic user so going from cPanel to Directadmin would mess me up since I am familiar with cPanel for the most part.

    I just want a simple way to share our Families personal videos and pictures with Family and Friends and not be publically visible, and be able to organize them with searchable/tags by groups and not all on one page or ina one level folder like Google Photos limits you too. Something very similar to what CumulusClips offers either in a free app I can use with my hosting service or for a small monthly fee for something stand alone that is not restrictive requiring exspensive upgrades to use past the basics.

    I know I am probably dreaming, everything has went to the likes of youtube and shutterfly just throwing it out there with no concern for organization or searchability!

    I miss the days when things like cumulusclips worked. LOL
  • That error/log message looks like it's referring to ffmpeg (and possibly memory constraints), and not apache. Do you get this error if you upload a really tiny video? There's a thread with a similar error here:
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