Amazon S3

Hello Team!

You mentioned the necessary steps in an earlier post to integrate S3:

1) Update /cc-core/system/encode.php to use the AWS PHP SDK to upload your new video files to AWS S3.
1 a) Upload the final H.264 MP4 to your bucket
1 b) Upload the final mobile MP4 to your bucket
1 c) Upload the thumbnail to your bucket
2) Update /cc-core/system/bootstrap.php so the H.264, mobile, and thumb URLs are pointing to your S3 buckets.
3) Update the /cc-core/services/VideoService.php so that the files are deleted from AWS S3 when the delete request is made.

Aside of modifying the paths, the tricky side would be to adjust the upload and delete phases.
As it is your script, you are the best positioned to do the job correctly.

Could you give me a quote, i'd like to have it done. It's urgent and shouldn't take you that long.



  • Hi, send an email to Include the exact details and scope of your project. I will forward it to one of our developers who does freelance work.
  • Great! Thanks
    I would appreciate if you added me on skype, my project is finished (aside of the change i am asking for), i could tell more about it. skype handle: brandleadership.
    Hear from you tomorrow would be great. Cheers.
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    Like I said previously, please send an email to the address indicated above that way I can connect you directly to one of the developers.
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    Will do. One more question if i may.
    In the Custom thumbs plugin it says to use this trigger:

    <?php Plugin::triggerEvent( 'videos.edit.attachment.list', $file[0]->fileId, $video->videoId ); ?>

    "around" line 99 in file /account/VideoEdit.php.

    Could you please show with code on how this should look like exactly to have it work properly? Thanks.
  • Email sent.
  • Can you please confirm you received my Email? I can send it from another address in case you didn't, thanks a lot.
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