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I installed the most recent script (1.0.6). Everything runs smoothly, no error pages. However, when I upload a video. After completing the cycle and getting a confirmation. Nothing happens. There are no "pending" videos; nothing in the "my videos" area; and no indication that I have uploading anything except the increased count number in the category section. No videos are viewable, but it has increase the relative number in the ().

Additionally, when I look in the cc-content/uploads/temp folder, all the videos are there. They just don't seem to be transcoding, or the system doing anything with them.

Thanks in advance for your script, it is extremely easy to theme and I am looking forward to working with it and passing it on to others.



  • Hello,

    Let's try a few things to help you out.

    First let's begin with turning on "Log Encoding", Visit Admin Panel -> Settings -> Videos and turn select "On" for this setting.

    Once that is on, try another upload and check the files located at: /cc-core/logs for any errors. Post them here if you find any.

    Second, let's check the videos table in the database. What is the value of the status field for the videos that aren't encoding?

    Third, are there alternate paths to FFMPEG? To find out try running "whereis ffmpeg" from the command line, or just ask your hosting provider (all of our supported hosts do)

    If you DO have alternate paths, i.e.


    I always recommend using "/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg"

    Let me know...
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    I did have Log Encoding on. No errors I believe.
  • However, I did get a db_errors.log:

    ### MySQL Error - 11/13/2011 19:22PM

    Table 'name_dbGTV.flags' doesn't exist

    Query: UPDATE flags SET status = 'approved' WHERE type = 'user' AND id = 2

    ### MySQL Error - 11/14/2011 5:49AM

    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1

    Query: SELECT COUNT(rating_id) FROM cc_ratings WHERE video_id =
  • The status of all the videos (except 1) is "pending conversion". My ffmpeg path is: /usr/bin/ffmpeg
  • Thanks, that gives me a better picture.

    That first MySQL error is a bug, we'll correct it and your system will automatically pickup the auto-update.

    That second error seems to be a result of the first error.

    Can you please check the following directories:


    Do they have any content?

    And finally, since you turned on "Log Encoding", please delete all the log files in the /cc-core/logs" directory. I need you to try and upload another video once all the log files are gone. Save this video to your computer and use it for your testing:

    That video is pretty small and should upload and convert almost instantly, (really useful for debugging). Once the video is uploaded post here the contents of the file:


    I have an idea of what's going on just need to verify the above information first.
  • I have done as you instructed:

    Nothing in any of these folders:


    Here is the log you requested:

  • Okay, just what I suspected. The converter is throwing 404's. This almost always happens when the host has an alternate path to FFMPEG.

    I understand you saw that your path to FFMPEG was '/usr/bin/ffmpeg', but just for the sake of trying, can you update it to:


    This can be done if you visit: Admin Panel -> Settings -> Video, and update "FFMPEG Path" field. Once you change that value to the one I just provided you try your upload again.

    Please be sure to delete all log files again before uploading so that we can start with a clean slate.

    On a separate note, regarding the MySQL errors from earlier. I mentioned that first error was a bug, it will updated sometime tonight.

    However, that second error isn't related. Do you have any custom themes installed? If so, would you mind checking that you're calling all video rating functions properly. That error seems like a result of that.

  • I made that change. Same results. Here is the latest log:
  • Hmm, that usually does it. I'm certain there is path issue, just have to figure out where.

    Try updating your "PHP Path" to:


    This can be found on the same page as the FFMPEG Path you just finished changing. Then remove all log files and try again.

    Just a quick question, who is your host?
  • I have updated as you suggested.

    I am using APTHOST, one of the companies you suggested on your site.

    I also am getting an additional log now:

    I also have both files in:


    But no results on site as of yet.
  • I just got an email with this message:

    The final Mobile file was not created. The id of the video is: 15
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    Now we're talking! That "PHP Path" fixed your issue. You still have one problem, but it's a minor one.

    There should be two log files called:


    Send me the contents of those files. It seems like your mobile videos are having a bit of trouble, most likely a simple file permission issue, but send me those files just to be sure.
  • Thanks. Check this directory: "/cc-content/uploads/mobile". How many files are there, and could you please list them?
  • One file:
  • Let's try changing the file permissions to '0777' on these files:


    Remove all log files and try uploading again. Then post ALL the log files here, even if they didn't seem to change.

    Please give it a couple minutes (like 5 min.) after uploading to make sure the video processing got as far as it could.
  • Here are the files:

    The files being created in /flv and /mobile respectively:


    It looks as if the original files are still in the /temp folder.

    All folders/files that you suggested have been changed to 777.
  • I am also getting another email:

    The final Mobile file was not created. The id of the video is: 16
  • That file you posted:


    seems a little odd, is that the most recent one after deleting the old ones? And you verified the permissions (777) on the files I mentioned right?
  • Yes, all the permissions are correct. I double checked.

    I repeated the process, here are the new files:

    Same email concerning:

    The final Mobile file was not created. The id of the video is: 17
  • We've found the problem. Has to do with the file /cc-core/system/qt-faststart being corrupt. We are currently building a replacement for you.

    Would you mind installing a custom patch, to see if it works for you? Let me know and I'll give you the patch to download.

    If it works, we'll apply the patch in our next update which should be later on tonight.

    Let me know.
  • Not a problem. Thank you.
  • Okay, we have that patch ready for you. Visit:

    Follow these instructions:

    1) Download the archive, and extract it on your computer
    2) Upload all the contents to the directory: "/cc-core/system" (overwrite any files if necessary)
    3) Change the file permissions to 0777 on:


    4) Delete all your log files located at: /cc-core/logs
    5) Re-attempt a video upload and post here all of your latest logs

    Let me know how it goes.
  • Success! You guys are great. Thanks. I uploaded the small file, and several files up to 100m...and no problems at all. I will be designing and testing the script out thoughtly tonight...and post any suggestions or other bugs (hopefully none) that I find.

    Again, thanks for you help! And I think this is going to be an excellent solution for many people.


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    Great, I'm glad we could help. Also a couple things to keep in mind, we will be pushing an update tonight, you should see it in your admin panel.

    After you complete the update be sure to re-set 0777 permissions on all the files from my instructions as well as your logs & all upload folders. This is because the update will overwrite your recent file changes. This won't be necessary in future updates.

    Also make sure your custom theme changes are in a theme of their own otherwise you will loose them.

    Let us know if you need any further assistance.
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