Admin Panel Not Opended

When successfully installed cumulus clips all pages are working of the site but when I click on Admin-Panel this give me error - Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function enforceTimeout() on null in /vagrant/cumulusclips/cc-admin/Settings.php:7 Stack trace: #0 /vagrant/cumulusclips/cc-core/lib/App.php(28): include() #1 [internal function]: App::loadClass('Settings') #2 /vagrant/cumulusclips/cc-core/system/bootstrap.php(38): spl_autoload_call('Settings') #3 /vagrant/cumulusclips/cc-core/system/admin.bootstrap.php(4): include('/vagrant/cumulu...') #4 /vagrant/cumulusclips/cc-admin/index.php(4): include_once('/vagrant/cumulu...') #5 {main} thrown in /vagrant/cumulusclips/cc-admin/Settings.php on line 7

What to do? Please help me out?


  • That is strange, what version of PHP are you running?
  • I am using PHP 7.0
    After changing /cc-admin/settings.php file name into settings_general.php , error was gone.
  • This keeps tripping me up when setting up dev environments, so I thought I'd post the steps I take here. The below changes the filename as described above, then fixes the admin nav link and the form submission for that page.

    $ mv cc-admin/settings.php cc-admin/settings_general.php
    $ sed -i '' '134s/settings\.php/settings_general.php/' header.php
    $ sed -i '' '181s/settings\.php/settings_general.php/' settings_general.php
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